A mere miracle.

A soap bubble filled with colours.

A cloud that floats with boasted pride

A bloom that so delightful

A merry- go-round of excitement

A kite that fly higher and higher.

Over night,

The miracle disappears.

Colour Filled bubbles burst into nothing.

A cloud that lost its shape.

The withered  petals fall off the flower

A merry go round that lost its axis

A kite without the yarn.

A lump in the breast is

A philosophical teacher.

Questions everything.

Immortals realize that

They are not eternal.

Death is always there.

A heart attack- I lost my uncle

The thyroid cancer

That took my Aiya away.

The friend who was killed in the  war.

An adopted son who took his life.

Nothing and Nobody  questions the existence.

Except a  mere muscle mass .

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