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By The Side of Indian Ocean Wave 2

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Wave 2

They say, this is where they awaited their last moments. Thousands and thousands of   souls with fear, disappointment,hatred, anger and the sorrow for their lost beloveds, waited there for some messiah to come around and rescue them. I wonder how come they were blindfolded. The Jesus was dead a long time ago.The world preach love and humanity but never practice them. Yet they waited hanging to the dear life with a ray of hope.

The apocalypse might have hit on that day of May 2009. The stories of killing still emerge day and night. Innocent civilians walking towards the enemies with a white flag hoping the humanity still exists were shot to death. Women and kids, thinking still the world has some courtesy left in them to let the women and kids survive, were brutally murdered. The analysts say, the identified kid’s body had a  blank  shot, which might have tortured the kid mentally and physically.  They even used an axe to tear your back. Is this dream? Or are we still in stone age?

What did we do? Other than expecting to be treated respectfully? other than expecting to be considered equally? Other than requesting for the right to live, to be educated,  to find the opportunity for development and to live in peace? What did we do?