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By the Side of Indian Ocean Wave 1

Thursday, May 13th, 2010


I had been there many times. With  friends, with my family and also with my staff.  The full moon days glisten the white sandy beach. The long waves rush to the shore threatening, splashing water on the beach and on our faces.The inner end of the beach is marched and guarded by the short coconut trees. The far end of the sea is guarded by the navy boats. Sometimes the bullets launched form the gun boats bring us back to the present. Come on , are  you kidding? How can you enjoy the life while we are here? they bang. Born in an island, lived in a peninsula with sandy beaches in one hour drive( or is it half an hour? I never know. All my life the passengers were stopped at all the checkpoints which delayed the journey. The long ignored roads were full of  damages. So I never know how long would it take to a nearest beach) we never learnt to swim. Such a sad culture. Fully clothed we just stood at the banks to just to wet our lower bodies. Even the wetness showing the figure of your bodies is a taboo.  We go to the beach on a full moon day sit at the beach enjoy the breeze.

When I worked with MSF we used to go to the beach as a team. We even had a barbecue on Mullai beach one day. We do not know how to enjoy the life, partially the culture, partially the decades long  war forbid us from enjoying the nature, life and naturally living the life. So some of us learnt to enjoy the life from the expatriates, who always be a Roman when they are in Rome, even if the Rome is burning to ashes. But by all means it suited to us and we needed that because our country was burning for years by war , and we did not know how to play a fiddle amidst.

So the beach loved by everyone spread along the east coast with magnificent beauty. The creepers carpeted the beach with greeny greeny leaves and violet flowers. The creeper named “adampan” is always a metaphor for the unity of the Tamils. The old saying from our culture ,”even if it is the adampan creeper, if  united it is  valiant.” They told this many decades to fight the suppression, to have their freedoms. If it is true, the white sandy beach would not have been filled with black bent heads ,broken promises,and shattered dreams. Or were we really united at all?

To be continued..