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Monday, September 8th, 2008

Since born, betrayals left its marks.
The path I walked through
Bore the thorns of betrayals.
The fruit of life was never plucked
Without the scratches of thorny betrayals.
But each time,
Oozing blood and the pricking pain hurts
With the violence of a point zero bullet.
Each time I say,’ I learnt a lesson.’
At the end of the day healed scratch and consoled pain
I start the life again with the new born freshness
Full of hope and excitement.
Another version of Homo sapiens
Cross my path; with my readymade heart of compassion
I begin to believe in humanity.
Hope and confidence brought with the sunlight is
Again gone at the end of the day
With the dark of dusk covering the heart.
Midnight, heart prevails in darkness;
Nerves breakdown;
I laugh with agony – depression
A step prior to so called mental sickness.