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Midnight’s Toll

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

I woke startled
Yearning for the tick of the lizard
Under the florescent bulb
In search of a tiny insect.

On the other side of midnight,
Life was very slow,
Marked by the tick of the lizard.
Stress free, relaxed, and
The ends met smoothly with harmony.
The dangers and sorrows
Left in the mist and the dark of a dawn
Failed to spoil the hope and peace
Left in the heart.

On the other side of the midnight
I lie on the cold bed
With a chunk of nostalgia
Aching in the heart,
Killing the moments with the tick of the clock
In my effort to synchronize
My body and mind to the tick of the clock.
‘Faster, faster’ the unheard command
Chasing me to a fast pace.
The long stretched, snow covered, slippery path
Lies before me
To be walked fast;
To be worked fast;
To meet the ends of the life
Which lie in the opposite horizons.