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Black July

Friday, July 25th, 2008

The day never saw the rising sun,
As the smoke covered
The souls and the sky.
History Screamed
With it’s stained pages.
Bloody roads;
Smoky sky; and
The tear filled eyes
Scarred  the history.
They ran along the streets
Screaming for help.
Once their friends now the foes
Turned deaf and aggressive.
They lost their babies in the boiling tar;
They lost their daughters to the prey hunters;
Whirling smoke demolished their assets;
They lost their hopes once and for all,
To be friend with the foes turned friends.
Being boarded on the ship,
They saw the dawn in the horizon
Of the sacred land,
Awaited their arrival
With an extended hand.
Ashore, shoeless feet felt
Assured, ‘this is the homeland’.