Shattered Beautiful Dream

Would You?????????

We had a dream

Beautiful with rainbow colours

Raising from the hearts of

Hundreds of thousands of sufferers.

It spread over the sky

Touched the horizons

Where ever we went

The dream spread it wings


The long gone freedom

The long gone perfect days

The dears departed

The beloved demised

Watered the dreams over the decades

Here we are…….



Displaced and threatened.

The hope we carried,

All along the dark ages

Bearing the thorns of war,

That, kind hearts

Or nations of humanity

Or the omnipotent divine eternals

Would bring as the freedom,

We sought for decades,


Cluster bombs shattered the dreams

The betrayals

Of the next door neighbour

Killed the hope.

Some drop of hope

Left in the heart

For the moment to see a drop of tear,

Sympathizing us.

Shed a drop of tear.

Drop a ray of hope.

At the foot of my dying baby.

Would you?????