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That Palmyra Tree

Thursday, May 9th, 2019

 A small Palmyra tree!

At the corner of my eyesight

Just a glimpse

A Palmyra tree!

Of a roadside park

Of the country that sheltered me

And became my land.

Just like a click of a switch

Waves of thoughts rushed

Like a tsunami

Choking me with a wave of nostalgia

The thoughts of

The neem tree that fenced the border,

The lonely palmyra at the front yard,

Hurt me as a dear departed.

Celebrating the hot humid summer

Golden flowers of Poovarasu

Lined the fence with glory and gay.

“Touch me not “ and roadside “Ruellia “

Still amazed me like childhood magic.

On this dark, cold night

Amongst the crowd of a speeding bus

The lonely me reminisced

The sad old memories of another dark, rainy day.

A journey of a lost identity

On an unclaimed road.

At the far north end of the globe, the earth,

On a soil that frozen by snow,

In my survival fight to deepen

The roots plugged off violently,

To thaw my frozen mind and memories

I needed a palmyra tree.

That Palmyra tree.