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And the Waves Crashed 3

Saturday, March 23rd, 2019

                                         Wave 3      

Colonized Thoughts



Our thoughts were enslaved.

Three hundred years of invasion

Invaded the thoughts and minds.

Who are we?

Our appearance changed.

Our lifestyle changed.

The language we speak changed.

The war of three  decades

Displaced us.

Shattered us all around the world

Losing our identity.

Some find pride in not speaking Tamil.

Some find pride in losing our values.

Some find pride in being lost.

We are now Canadian, French, Italian, German, Norwegian and American.

Not Tamilan any more.

Can’t we be a Canadian Tamil or an Italian Tamil?


That  is how the society functioned. The colonization of the country which began in 1500s with the invasion of the Portuguese made some drastic changes. While Portuguese introduced Western Education System the British brought in Missionaries. There was one group intended to preserve the Tamil Language and Saivism and there was another group got into Missionary Schools, turned into Christians, and employed as teachers and government servants, ate beef, drank wine at dinner table, sent girls and boys to the seminary creating an influential group, lived a sophisticated life. The later was considered the ‘elite’ educated people.  They both had their own circles.

The other group built schools called “Thinnai Pallikoodam”, which is a school on one’s front verandah, taught Saivism and Tamil language; protested against killing cows, a religious symbol of Saivas, later established schools throughout the country. Both sectors survived to this date, strong and powerful.

But the trails and scars they left still linger.  There is this seclusion. The influential Christians and Catholics and the broad minded Hindus.

There is this schools with English speaking high class kids and the  other kids who only speaks Tamil which left an impact to this date creating inferiority complex, people stupidly thinking English speaking people are smart and intellectuals, not understanding the fact, it is just a mode of communication.

There is still this difference between Vegetarian Hindus and non vegetarians.

There are people still favour the fair complexion  despite the fact the Dravidians hail with brown skin. There is this perception that the girls with fair complexion are beautiful where as the real beauty is ignored.

There is this disorder  called identity crisis. We are always ready to lose ourselves in others’  identities and being proud of that.

We are still colonized by the scars of three hundred years of colonization.


Waves will continue to crash……..


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