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Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Is it just me? or you too?

Once I decide, that I have figured it out,

It turns out not.

People amaze me with their  changing colours.

SELFISHNESS is the big bright sun.

People circle on the orbit.

Sometimes closer, sometimes far away.

Sometimes bright with friendliness

Sometimes darker with hostility.

Sometimes green with jealousy

Sometimes red in anger.

Ego boasts itself brightly.

Power dominates with iron grip.

Waning and waxing in friendship.

Relationship  falters and fades.

Need is the deciding factor.

Needy for the friendliness

Needy for the closeness

Needy for the  superiority.

Needy for the material.

They spin and spin

Pushing the feeble to the edge of the orbit.

They win their battle for need

Loosing the people for life