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Hearts to be Healed

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

“The war has been ended”

They declared

(Ooph! silent! do not ask

When, how and Why)



Let them both long last!

Three decades of war

Stole their sleep away

Both the killers and the victims

Heavy eyelids can rest in peace now.

Unwanted deaths….

Sacrifices the youngsters made…

The lost eye of the next door kid…..

The father of the seven kids

With his amputated leg,

The girl still goes to school

A blank face

Happiness hunted away

by a group of brutals

On that cold dark brutal night.

Everyone , everything forgotten.

Victims- known for their hospitality

Enemies known for their brutality

Celebrated their harmony.


Still a murmur

With the  dusk seeping into the day

an unknown terror seeps into too.

Nook and corners are filled with fear.

Last night,

a bomb exploded spreading

shrapnels in to thousand hearts,

Screamed my daughter in her dream.

A supersonic walked on four legs,

previous day in my husband’s dream.

The other day,

Corpses rose from their pyres

Headless, Limbless

In my dream.

Traumatized hearts

Still flutter to survive.

Those who over there!

On your path to heal the world,

Just look at that tear drop

Just below the Indian continent,

Waiting to be cared, healed.