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Humanity Waits…For What?

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Lend Me Your Years









I wonder with aching heart.
Are those pictures true?
Are those horror leaking pictures
On the websites and newspapers
Of my people back home
And their beautiful coastal villages, true?
The beautiful memories of bright, white beaches
Blurred with the ruined images of villages and shores.
The pleasant memories of those innocent peoples
With a warm welcoming smile
Of those pretty little houses
Along the long white beaches
Surrounded by the green coconut palms and trees
Blurred with the reality.
They might be killed.
They might be injured.
The innocent faces might be turned into deformed features.
The tiny kids, by age and malnutrition, might be dead
Or have lost their limbs.
“Not a single kid should be killed by poverty”
The greatest thought hangs in their air
In the tarpaulin huts
Surrounded by the heat, dust and germs
The fire of hunger burning their stomachs
The fire of fear, hopelessness,
And sorrow hurting their hearts
My people accused of being a Tamil:
Accused of seeking freedom:
Accused of yearning for their rights
Are being punished.
Human rights, Humanities,
The religions of the world
Those preaches love for the foe
Just waits!!!!
Just waits!!!!!!
For what??
Until they be killed??????