Just Want to Hear

Past midnight….
My eyes close exhausted
After a long fight to embrace sleep.
The last thought of that moment
“How are they doing?”
Lids opened lazily
After a long fight to be closed
Bearing the burden of the dreams
Bad dreams of course
The thought of that moment
“How are they doing?”
Heart misses a beat
Beating like a drum whole day.
Mind freezes a moment
Totally blank.
What to think?
What is there to think indeed?
The unknown answer to my query
Creeps in to the mind and body.
I just want to hear,
They are ok.
They are still alive.
They still have something to eat.
They can still hear despite the bangs of the shells and bombs.
They can walk with their own legs.
They can eat with their own hands.
They can still see but unfortunately the cruelty
Wide spread in front of them.
I just want to hear
My friends…….
And their kids…Ami,Kaja,Ara, Arthi,Athirai and Arooran
And all the other people are fine
Despite being a Srilankan Tamil.

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  1. Aarthy Says:

    Amma, I would say that this is the best so far.
    Your feelings for your friends and their families is shown not told.
    I like the way you mentioned my friends not even yours, the ones that I love from back home. My friends, Ami,Kaja,Ara, Arthi,Athirai and Arooran

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