Colour of Me

Being colourless inside,
I bear the colour of a rainbow outside.
I bear a prism in my heart
Full of feelings, emotions and intelligence
Yet blank on its all sides.
Prism overflows with sway of the universe;
Prism dances, rolls and twists
Faster and faster.
Here I change,
With the colours of a rainbow.
Red in anger;
Black if I am sad;
White when full of peace;
Green in love:
Blue goes as my lucky colour;
Indigo suits me best;
Eyes brown and the hair pitch dark.
My skin bears the  brown
Here I live as a Canadian.
But my computer says, I am British in “colour”
Here you go
Seeing me in many colours
But sincerely
I am blank inside.

4 Responses to “Colour of Me”

  1. Sharmi Says:’s a great poem. You are very talented. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to read more of your work. GL.

  2. Aarthy Says:

    It’s an interesting poem
    It’s the only one i fully understand in this
    Keep up the good work amma

  3. Gayathri Says:

    Great work, amazing talent well used. I’m not as good as you when conveying message, but all I wanted to say is your the greatest Sri Lankan poet that i’ve ever met.

  4. Shermaine Says:

    That’s way the bestest aswner so far!

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